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...Ang Keso ay Puti
    Kesong-puti  is fresh, non-aged, white, soft cheese from the milk of carabaos, or water buffalo. Looking like tofu, it is traditionally set at the center of freshly cut, green, and pliant banana leaves, boxed in with dried layers of banana trunks, and tied with shreds of the same layers of strings.

Oral history says it was an old man who, forgetting about the fresh carabao milk he squeezed for the day, left it unattended overnight, to discover the next day the kesong-puti we know, pine for, and stick into pan de sal.

In many supermarkets in Metro Manila kesong puti is now available. At times it is peddled early morning right in the streets of the city. It even  comes in wax paper. In not a few special dishes chefs of five-star hotels come up with, the prized ingredient is kesong –puti.

Despite these creative developments, kesong-puti has remained to be itself; timeless in its being pure, white, and basic, which could be said as well of its origin, the town of Santa Cruz.

   (A video clip showing the steps on how to make "Kesong Puti")

With the ever changing age of the society comes the inconsistent deterioration of different Filipino culture and traditions but there’s also the sprout of newborn certainties resulting to a combination of the old, with a twist of the present and future culture, we now experiencing today.

As witnesses of our beloved town’s development, we made this blog for us to show the people, that our town, when it comes to worldwide recognition, has much to offer. And to those unaware of the ever breakthrough of the town of Santa Cruz, we, as an instrument, introduce you the best in the world: Our Kesong Puti.
                   (A video clip showing an interview on how to make "Kesong Puti")
              A white delicacy made from Santa Cruz
             After a taste, there’s nothing else to choose
              This famous cheese made from the milk of a carabao mother
              Kesong Puti, a world’s best, a certain nature’s offer.

...Ang Pagkain ay Panis
     But wait, there’s more! Here come other delicacies from our prestigious town of Santa Cruz- the burong mustasa, together with the bugok (bulok na itlog). Yes, those foods may sound different to your ears, but those doubts of yours will surely be gone after a single bite of these foods sensations.  A salty, tangy taste of Burong Mustasa made from a combination of salt, Mustasa (mustard), and several food enhancers that result to a very rare delicacy from Santa Cruz.

    On the other hand, a foul-smelling egg masterpiece made from a peculiar process and ingredients that at first, a doubt will sure sprout into your mind, whether tasting it will be a bad idea or something. But after overcoming that doubt, and you've tasted it, all those doubts you once knew, will surely be forgotten, and all you will ever remember is the experience that you have once tasted this unfamiliar product. Another pride of Santa Cruz: Bugok(bulok na itlog). A semi-rotten egg processed together with flour, salt, and different add-ons of the cook that will resemble the best out of the product are the main ingredients of the food pride.

     Two of the best delicacies when it comes to the rarest and most intriguing dishes that Santa Cruz is willing to offer; two of the best dishes that are bounded by destiny from world’s recognition. But now, it’s their time to shine, to be recognized as  the most delicious food products ever made.

  (A video clip showing the interview on how to make the "Bugok" and "Burong Mustasa"
   It’s no doubt that those foods of the town of Santa Cruz may sound different to other’s perception, but to Filipinos, it suits every sensory station that taste can conquer. With relevance to this, the local government of Santa Cruz should further implement the campaign about proclaiming its rare pride. The local government should think of more ways for the people to have a greater perspective about Kesong Puti, Bugok and Burong mustasa than they used to have. More ways in promoting our town’s pride all over the nation will result to a greater chance for this product to outburst worldwide recognition. Soon, time will come that every people will have to taste these unfamiliar-sounding foods, and will be amazed, totally amazed. And all they will think about is our town.

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